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Accusés, Levez-vous !

Defendants, please rise !

A collection of 10 documentaries

Analysis and legal strategies of the prosecution, the defense and the civil parties to comprehend the judgments rendered in the criminal Court.

In the box or on the bench, the defendants await the moment of the jury’s verdict, either reducing or exceeding the requisition of the  Prosecuting Attorney.

Before the final judgment is announced, each episode revisits the criminal history of the accused and the stages of the investigation since the arrest.

Through the experience and reflection of the Prosecuting Attorney, Judges, Lawyers and evidence of witnesses, we relive those special days in the criminal court.

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Le Passé d’un Palace en Héritage

The Legacy of a Palace


France 3 National
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Les Grandes Escroqueries (The Great Scams)

10 x 52’

Planète +  

Les Grandes Evasions (The Great Escapes)


10 x 52’ 

Coupable hier, coupable aujourd’hui ?

(Guilty yesterday, guilty today?)


12 x 52’ 

Justice    :   inhouse productions