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SPIRIT OF THE TIME - Chinese Contemporary Art

They produce works that have reverberated round the world. From Beijing to Yunnan, a group of artists  variously called contemporary or avant-garde - are painting, sculpting, photographing, and installing images of China as they see it.

They create works in their own likeness in the name of cynical-realism; paint updated landscapes that are a world away from traditional Chinese works; or burn Cultural Revolution materials to form collages of Mao  and the international art world is intrigued. This season, produced out of China, and shot entirely in high definition  visits the world of Chinas big-name artists. Observe them at work, visit their inner circle, and listen in to their observations about their Motherland.

Find out how these artists  who once upon a time knew nothing about selling their works - are coping with earnest collectors begging for new paintings, ever-demanding galleries, and even officials who now see them as Chinas new ambassadors to the world

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Spirit of the Time (S2)



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